Our Meals

Enjoy delicious local specialties for breakfast and dinner. As well as delicious desserts.


Choose what you desire from the buffet, and our homemade pastries (yes, with real handcrafted puff pastry!) will be waiting for you in the Maisonnette!

We offer pastries, bread, butter, artisanal jams, honey from Thomas’ brother, as well as cheese or ham, yogurts, milk, tea, or fresh orange juice (not from concentrate).

The Cappuccino is worth the trip on its own!

Bread & Pastries

Our breads are either homemade or come from Clément, a family-owned and artisanal business in the center of the village, down the hill.

Honey & Jam

Our honeys, sometimes lavender, acacia, spring, or forest, come from Thomas' brother's apiary and our artisanal jams are sourced from Trésors de Sandrine.

Milk & Juices

We provide you with fresh orange juice and milk for your convenience. On demand, we also provide cheese and ham as well as a selection of yoghurts.


Here are our local dinner options. We strive to have fresh produce, which we source locally.

Please let us know at least two days ahead, so we can find your favorite foods.

If you would rather go out, we have put together a list of local restaurants, which we thought you might like.

Steak Tartare

Our steak tartare comes from Jacquier butcher shop and is accompanied by pickles, baby onions, a selection of bread, toast and butter as well as a green salad with a homemade dressing. Price : CHF 60.- for two regular (2x150g) or CHF 72.- for two gourmets (2x180g).


Depending on availability, we compose the raclette with different cheeses... and sometimes include a twist :). Served with potatoes to be cooked in the Maisonnette, pickles and baby onions, and a few slices of charcuterie. Also possible with bread and salad. CHF 50.- for two

Cold Cut Ardoise

The charcuterie ardoise comes from the Jambon d'Or, the village's award-winning caterer. It consists of different pieces of meat, pickles, baby onions, and according to your tastes, bread or toast, butter, a green salad upon request. (unavailable on Wednesdays and Sundays) CHF 50.- for two


Faithful to the rest of our offer, our desserts come from local artisans and are composed of regional products.

Meringues & Double Cream

As a true Fribourg tradition, double cream meringues have earned their place among the most popular desserts. The double cream comes from the Bérard dairy-cheese factory, Louis keeps a manufacturing secret. The meringues, no less exceptional, come from the Clément bakery. CHF 15.- for two

Tarte à la Crème

Another favorite, the Tarte à la Crème is made with love by the Clément bakery. It is deliciously creamy and sweet to perfection. (unavailable on Tuesdays) CHF 20.- for two

Tourte aux Fruits

Decorated on request, the fruit pie is made by the Clément bakery. Creamy and airy, it will crown your romantic dinner. (unavailable on Tuesdays) CHF 25.- for two