To fully enjoy your stay at La Maisonnette, we offer well-being massage sessions.

In 50 minutes (local massage) or 1 hour and 30 minutes (full-body massage), Sarah, a certified masseuse, offers you the opportunity to take care of yourself during your stay!

More than just relaxing muscles and soothing the mind, massage has broader and specific properties. It affects the entire body, each system in particular, and enhances stability.

Don’t wait, and book your massage session now! Then you’ll enjoy the jacuzzi even more!

About Your Massage


The amounts are to be paid at the end of the massage, either through Twint or in cash.

50 min: 95 CHF

1h30: 120 CHF


Please book your massage directly by calling Sarah (+41 79 437 94 98) or by adding it as an option to your stay. If you have already booked your stay, please click the booking management link in the booking confirmation email.

General Conditions

In order to ensure your well-being and fully benefit from the effects of the massage, it is essential to adhere to a few guidelines:

  • Be in good health.
  • Not be taking medication.
  • Not be pregnant.

It will be necessary to inform Sarah of any recent medical visits, allergies, recent travel history, or any observed changes that could be contraindications to the massage.

These points will be discussed before each session and, of course, kept confidential in the client’s file.


Session fees remain due in the event of cancelation within 24 hours.