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By staying in La Maisonnette Enchantée, you will receive a wristband that will give you discounts on many activities in our region.

You can already check the website so you have an idea of what to do once you are here !


We can provide you with a generous breakfast that you can compose yourself online until the day before. You’ll find many choices including a variety of fresh items from local artisans as well as the classics.

  • Fresh Bread and Pastries
  • Local Honey
  • Home made Jams & Marmalade
  • Home made Yogurts
  • Hot or Cold Chocolate
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Various Juices
  • Pasteurized or Raw Milk
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Cereals

CHF 25.-
Price is for 1 breakfast for 2 people.

In the case you want to stay at home the day of your arrival and not have to go outside to find a restaurant, or if you just want to try a delicious meal from local artisans, you can order your dinner directly at your host and be served in the Maisonnette. 

Plate of cold meats 

« Au Jambon D’Or »

Coming directly from the butcher one street away, this plate is the most fresh and local you can wish for! Composed with cold ham and sausages as well as some local cheeses (yummy swiss cheese!), you will discover a typic swiss plate ! Served with fresh bread and a bottle of red wine for 2.

CHF 45.- / meal for 2 people 


Steak Tartare

« Madame Tartare »

Steak Tartare is a meal with raw beef, mixed with a secret sauce composed by « Madame Tartare ». It is eaten with bread or toasts and butter and served with a green salad and a bottle of red wine for 2.  

CHF 50.- / meal for 2 people



 En cette période hivernale, la raclette, c’est toujours une bonne idée ! Vous apprécierez sans aucun doute ce plat chaleureux accompagné d’un saucisson artisanal, de pommes de terre à cuire à la Maisonnette, de petits oignons, câpres et cornichons. Nous laissons à notre fromager le soin de sélectionner pour vous ses meilleurs fromages afin de combler votre expérience gustative ! 

CHF 40.- / meal for 2 people 



Fruits cake from our local baker

CHF 15.- 


Meringues with double cream

CHF 15.- 


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